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 Xem Hinh Thanh Vien

Date ngày Ghi Danh 11/19/2020 11:14:28 PM 
Gender- Giới Tính Female (Female = nu, Male=nam)
Marital status Single 
Year Năm Sinh 1987 
City TP Reno nevada AL 
Country Nước US 
Height Cao 5 Feet 8 Inches (173 cm) 
Weight Nặng 170 lbs (78 kg) 
Religion Tôn Giáo Catholic
Education Học-Vấn MA/MS/MBA 
Occupation NN Shell oil and Gas 
Drinking Uống Rượu Not Drink 
Smoking Hút thuốc Non-Smoker 
About me Giới thiệu An Aries loves to be the first at everything. Passionate and optimistic, this sign loves discovering new things, places and interests. An Aries is a true trailblazer who is always committed to the task at hand. The best motivation for an Aries is a competition.This sign loves the chase and the reward. In fact, they will put everything they have (and then some) on the line! Faithful, intelligent, and impulsive, an Aries knows how to juggle multiple things at once. This sign won't be satisfied until their work, social and personal lives match up to their dream vision. An Aries is a loyal friend that always tells it how it is. Honesty is definitely one of this sign’s top qualities and values. They may be the first to spot things that are wrong on a project or presentation, but they will also be the first to compliment if all is right! In a relationship, an Aries will do everything they can to capture the attention of their love interest. 
Looking T́m i am looking for a man that understand the meaning of love and i will give everything i have in my life for him forever and ever so we will leave as family and be together for the rest of ourlives Ok.i can try for the best and get some money to come but i will also like to know if you have a feelings for me and we can work things out. 

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