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chua bao gio co vo, that tha, de chiu, hoa dong, rong luong gentle-Lady Angel Miss Boss Baoping Liurong ViVi Jinger Li Hang QianQian Hang Jinger Li Hong Lynh My Dung HayIng PiChayAnAn, Every Lady, Hi! Here is a real story of my life. I went to see a scykic, a palm reader, only 5 USD. She told me to show my right palm and I did. She told me to face down my palm, and I did. She told me to show a middle finger, and I said this is a good luck sign it is not She told me to show my left palm, and on and on and on... I was mad and I said let get straight to the point, see 3 Interests: Hi every gentle-Lady Angel Boss, I am Slave, Servant, God Mai Thie^'t Nha^.t back, and I am so sorry, meaning I apollogize. Please enjoy these Song, Debbie Gibson - Lost In Your Eyes, and Debbie Gibson - Foolish Beat, Because I Love You TechnoRemix - Shakin Stevens, . ++THE LORD' S PRAYER Our Father; Who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name; Thy kingdom come; Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread; and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who Trespass against us: and lead us not into temptation; but deliver us from evil. Amen. ++Kinh La.y Cha La.y Cha chu'ng con o*? tre^n tro*`i, chu'ng con nguye^.n Danh Cha ca? sa'ng, nu*o+'c Cha dde^'n, y' Cha the^? hie^.n du+o*'i dda^'t tre^n tro+`i, xin Cha cho chu'ng Con ho^m nay lu*o+ng thu+.c ha(`ng nga`y va` tha no+. chu'ng Con nhu* chu'ng Con cu~ng tha ke? co' no*. chu'ng Con, xin ch*' dde^? chu'ng Con xa tru*o*'c ca'm do^~ va` ki'u chu'ng con cho kho?i su*. du*~, A. Chu'a Cha. ++THE HAIL MARY Hail Mary; full of grace! The Lord is with thee; Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holly Mary, Mother of GOD, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen. ++Kinh Ki'nh Mu*`ng Ki'nh mu*`ng Maria ddo*`i o*n Phu'c Dda^'ng Chu'a Tro*`i o*? cu`ng Ba` co' Phu*o*'c la. ho*n mo.i Ngu*o*`i Nu*~ va` Gie^ Su Con lo`ng Ba` cu`ng phu*o*'c la., Tha'nh Maria DDu*'c Me. Chu'a tro*`i ca^`u cho chu'ng con la` ke? co' to^.i khi nay va` la^m la^m tu*. A. Ba` Me. Maria ++Sa'ng danh DDa^'ng Chu'a Cha va` Chu'a Con (Chu'ng Con dde^`u la` Con 1, Chu'a Con) va` Ddu'c Chu'a Tha'nh Tha^`n, nhu* dda~ co' Chu'a vo^ cu`ng va` ba^y gio*` va ha(`ng co' va` ddo*`i cha(?ng cu`ng A. Chu'a Cha, Chu'a Tha'nh Tha^`n Looking For Type 3 continue... because the palm reader had not tell me anything about my character. She answered that I am very easy to be controlled because she told me whatsoever to show my 2 palm, and I did exactly what she told me, but she did not give me any solution I need. Hey Mrs. just because I used to live in Easy Way Street, and I should listen to you, Mrs. Then I leave with 5 USD lost. HA HA HA.. Smile. Is that funny, and it was real, because I knew how to read my palms too Ba` Chu? LiuRong JinGer Li Hang ViVi My Dung Hong Lynh BaoPing To Ngo.c Cha^u Le^ Hie^'u PiChayAnAn Every Ba` Chu? O^ng Chu?, No^ L6. Dda^`y To*' Chu'a Mai Thie^'t Nha^.t present.. +Urgent EMERGENCY, WE ARE IN new world order war RIGHT NOW +tARGET WASing area 51 ARIZONA USA, YES IT IS EN MUCH IT +Please EveryOne think of SPACE and breath in and out, and I will explain later +EveryOne have CHIP IMPLANT in both leg and arm, and please take X-Ray picture and SEARCH with Magnifying glass, its SIZE IS A PIECE OF RICE, Please... TO BE CONTINUE>>>
tim ban gai, vietnam, single+++ Hi LiuRong my Lovinglyingedingerest! I ought to apollogize to LiuRong that I left LiuRong, en I am so very sorry to Em Ye^u LiuRong, en Please Forgive Me, Mai Thie^."t Nha^."t, en I extremely tremedously apologise to Em Ye^u LiuRong, please Em Ye^u LiuRong, I knew the PaiN Em Ye^u en Anh going thru, I will confess to Em Ye^u LiuRong later. Mai Thie^."t Nha^."t Em Ye^u Thu*o*nG BaoPing, LiuRong Em Ye^U, Em ViVi, Hie^'U Em, Ha(`ng Em, Jinger Li Em, Em HonG LynH, Em My Dung, Kim Nha)N, Pha.M ThI. Mo).nG Tuye)`N Em, Em QianQian, enn Em PitchayaNaN, Haiying, en Em QiaoQiao, 6+ I haveding a joke IN AREA 51! I am talking about 16-sexual Animal Abusingedingestingedingestingest by these NEW WORLD ORDER animal gay, No they aredingest not animal but extremely tremedously contageous virus not even with crocodile very cruelty with small brain but fear of Hippo from protecting YoungeR Hippo, 16 I mean 1 very sick sickEDingESTedINGestING went to a DoctoR to check up his ass hole in area 51, Arizona, en DoctoR tell him to bend over en DoctOR say his ass hole, DocTOR mean A hold hold hold hold A hole hole hole hole, en the 1 worst 6 sayING Sillysiiii I knew my ass hole very large why do DocTOR keeping repeatINGlyEDing, DocTOR say I did not repeat but I just said only once, but your ass gay is ECHOingEDingESTingEDestING on and on an on and on...I have to go now+ 7+Em ye^u Nature, I love Em Ye^u Nature... Em Ye^u LiuRong, Please Forgive Me by Bryan Adams en forget the word Make Love for now in this song just temporary, Em Ye^u is Younger MinE LovE MaI Thie^"T Nha^."T God Almighty, en Em Ye^U LiuRong, You Are Still The One by Shinia Twain, en From This Moment by Shinia Twain, en You Are The One by Cris Cuvas, en Dancing Queen by ABBA, en Everything I Do I Do It For You by Bryan Adams, en Can LiuRong Em Ye^u write to MaI Thie^"T Nha^."T in Your Profile en Anh is older Bro, will check Em Ye^u LiuRong Everyday Em Ye^u LiuRong, BaoPing Em Ye^U, Love Of My Life - Michael W. Smith.. Please EveryOne Write to Me MinE Email Continue8 +++++++++++++++ 8+ TranBinhTran at Yahoo dot Com, TRANBINHTRAN@YAHOO.COM +9+ Mai Thie^'t Nha^.'T God will tell you a joke, this joke dedicate to Em Ye^u LiuRong en Em BaoPing Ye^u Anh Mai Thie^"t Nha^."T God, en every Lady, en it begin with a boy selling secret how to deal with iching, en he said who want to buy a secret to deal with itching, a rich man say I will buy 4 piece of secret, en the Boy say OK en sale it to a Man, the Man open a secret en see IF YOU WANT DEAL WITH ITCHING THEN SCRATCH IT, en every piece of paper left are the same thing... Hey every Lady, if you want to have free DATE WEBSITE then go to WWW.vietnamsingle.NET en please check with YAHOO search ENGINEtoo, en it is free en it is real DATE WEBSITE FOR FREE if you want to have e-mail of your LOVER BOYfriend, en I MaI Thie^"T Nha^."T God will be there, en please You Lady Ought TO CHECK IT OUT en SIGNUP TO THIS WEBSITE VIETNAMSINGLE.NET, because of this website I date Em Ye^U LiuRong Em BaoPing Ye^U MinE, en I can't have her e-mail 2, en Please Em Ye^U LiuRong en Em Ye^u BaoPing, Anh Ye^U Em Nhie^`U La('M, Anh MaI Thie^"T Nha^."T LovE Em Ye^U LiuRong so much more a lot very many onINGedINGerING, en BaoPing Em Ye^U, Here a song I love for Em Ye^u LiuRong en Em BaoPing Ye^u Anh to have, Debbie Gibson - Lost In Your Eyes, en Bye for now... Em Ye^U LiuRong, I can't answer to your letter this month, en how are Em Ye^U LiuRong, I MaI Thie^'T Nha^."T miss Em Ye^U LiuRong so many much a lot, en Em Ye^U LiuRong was iswill be best of the best in the Universe, This is a song I love for Em Ye^U LiuRong to have, The Jets - "You Got It All", Anh MaI Thie^"T Nha^."T GoD. Em Ye^U BaoPing, Anh MaI Thie^"t Nha^."T recived Em Ye^U BaoPing Letter nevertheless I don't have money to read EmYe^u BaoPing Letter, en Anh MaI Thie^"T Nha^."T Ye^u Em BaoPing La('m so very many much more everyday, this is a song I love for Em Ye^U BaoPing to have, The Jets - Make It Real, Anh MaI Thie^"T Nha^."T GoD. ++++++++++++++++++ 3 continue... because the palm reader had not tell me anything about my character. She answered that I am very easy to be controlled because she told me whatsoever to show my 2 palm, and I did exactly what she told me, but she did not give me any solution I need. Hey Mrs. just because I used to live in Easy Way Street, and I should listen to you, Mrs. Then I leave with 5 USD lost. HA HA HA.. Smile. Is that funny, and it was real, because I knew how to read my palms too Em Ye^u.. Hi QianQian, en WhoXo^EVER HAVE CONCIyNERinG, Em Da'ng Thu*o*nG! There are were many way to meditate to be Girl Monk en Profession Girl Priest in TemplE en ChurcH, How do want me to deal with Em Ye^u QianQian, Allow me MaI Thie^'T Nha^.'T tell Em QianQian a story, Once upon a time, There were a breast contestant to see wWhoXoeViVieR Ladi had biggest breast, begin with USA Ladi size were water melon (sillicon Sillisi`), Next Contestant breast size were larger size water melon, why these Ladi not go to Middle East Muslim pray for AllaH zero en Africa to breast feed hunger ChildRen there, however AsiaN LadIE, Em YeU BaoLa RongLiu Ye^U AnH en Thu?Y ChunG Cuo^.I MooN with BreaSTiES SizE WaSE OranGE, Referee SaiD ItS IS ToO SmaLL CompaRING wITH WatER MELON, NeVERTHELESS HOWXOEVER, MISS ALL say ThE NiPPLE IS SiZE OF OranGE COunTIES IN CALYPHORnYA, SmiLELI SillIES SE SI` ++4+There a way to learn english as a EFL is EnglisH as hold I said A hole B hole I said ass hole, A HolD, B HolD, ButTocK hole, B holD, EFL is EnglisH as a FuckinG LaguagE, If UU read aloud, and ListeNinG, en SeE 3 look read hear, Simmutanceneously at the same time, UU R just learn how to speak, en UU Ought to memorize Vocabulary DefinitioN WorD, but however NevertheleSS I PrfeR UU to learn VietNamesE CaUSE I was AM VieTnameSE..To be ContinuE+5 There is a song i loveinglyedingerestedingeringesteringly for UU to havedinglyeringerestingeringtereastASIAN ORDINARY WORLD biy DURAN DURAN en COME UNDONE song, hadingerest MinE NamE at the beggining of song is MaI or MinE my 1st NamE ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++ Dear every baby, who sent me letters or NOT, DARLINGs! +++++++ I am very HIGH HONOR to meet you, all darlings, and all ladies here are such BEAUTIFUL, PRETTY, and CUTE. I guess you all read these letters, babies, and I donít have TIME for everyone, since I have so many letters, and CONCERNs from you, ladies. Furthermore, I would like you to read these, because many of you WANT or DESIRE to know more about God Jesus Christ LOVE LIFE and LIFE, or God Mai Thiet Nhat MISSIONs and LOVE LIFE in THIS LIFE. What I can do is saying THANK YOU very much for your CONCERNs, and enjoying your wonderful time, and songs, babies. Moreover, there wonít be enough songs for every single baby in this site on this world, and I truly apologize for the inconvenient. I mean the meaningful songs for every lady, who sent me letters. I am so sorry that I canít read all those mails of yours, or I donít have time, because mainly of my poor financial conditions and conditions, and I have so many EMAILs from you, darlings. Donít feel sorry for me, because I am so poor for now, and you know that God Almighty takes care of me 60 sec/min. You all know that God Almighty is extremely, and much more richer than anyone, or all humans in the universe are combined. God Almighty can create SOMETHINGs from NOTHING, and for instance, where do you think that matters such as earth, planets, moons, asteroids, suns, stars, black holes, CREATUREs, all kind of TREEs, HUMANs, ALIENs, and ALLTHINGs are coming from completely empty space such as an extremely vast empty UNIVERSE? God Almighty can go forward to future, pausing time to stand still, rewinding backward to the pass, and why do you think God Almighty FORETELLs anything exactly, correctly, perfectly, and absolutely in the FUTURE as it happens as it was? For me, Iím working for God Almighty, so if God Almighty can go to the future, and see the lottery winning numbers, or and let me have the winning numbers is so easily. Moreover, God Almighty knows many ways to calculate many events happening exactly as God Almighty wants. Therefore, you all darlings donít have to worry a thing for me, because I am so poor now. Alright, I will love to write to you more, but I donít know what are going on in your letters, so I guess that there are so much LOVE from you, babies, because a large number of your letters, and so much of your CHAT MESSAGE expressing LOVE to me, especially on Asiandate site. If I let you down, or hurt your feeling for not being your boyfriend, or husband, then I am truly, deeply, and very sorry in the bottom of my heart, body, and mind, darlings. I already told you many times that I have a very lovely GIRLFRIEND from China by God Almighty assigning. Again, her name is ELLA or BAOPING. In Vietnamese use to say CHA ME ĐAT DAU, CON NGOI DO, and that means FATHER AND MOTHER ALWAYS CHOOSE THE HALFS FOR THEIR CHILDREN. Plus, I was God Jesus Christ or God Mai Thiết Nhật in this life, again, a son of God Almighty, and you all darlings are God Almighty children, or maybe my children, too, and or no exception at all. God Almighty says I can create HUMANs LIFE, which means from nothing to somethings too, so you are like little children to me or my PRODUCTIONs, too. However, I see you as the younger SISTERs and FRIENDs to me, darlings. I am here with God Almighty, Supper Angel 56, Supper Angel 45, Saints, HEAVEN teams, and HEAVEN entities, to help you to have the BEST THINGs in LIFE for FREE, babies. If you darlings have troubles for finding your halfs, or NEEDing anything, then you can pray to God Almighty just like I do. I still remember those words from my last LIFE, God Jesus Christ, and those are KNOCK, ASK, and BEG from the Catholic or Christian BIBLE, babies. I need you to pray to God Almighty every day, and night by using these: +++++++ THE LORD' S PRAYER Our Father; Who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name; Thy kingdom come; Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread; and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who Trespass against us: and lead us not into temptation; but deliver us from evil. Amen. +++++++ THE HAIL MARY Hail Mary; full of grace! The Lord is with thee; Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holly Mary, Mother of GOD, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen. +++++++ THE APOSTLES' CREED (KINH TIN KÕNH) I believe in God, the Father almighty, creator of heaven and earth. I believe in Jesus Christ, his only Son, our Lord. He was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary. He suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died, and was buried. He descended to the dead. On the third day he rose again. He ascended into heaven, and is seated at the right hand of the Father. He will come again to judge the living and the dead. I believe in the Holy Spirit, the holy Catholic Church, the communion of saints, the forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the body, and the life everlasting. Amen. +++++++ God for me is a title for these MISSIONs, and the POSITIONs of mine in this LIFE, and HUMANs LIFE creation of mine. You can call my NAMEs, but for God Almighty, you DONíT EVER call God Almighty by NAMEs such as Allah in Muslim, and Ngọc Hoŗng in Vietnamese, or other languages. However again, you and I can be closed friends if there are fates and destinies, canít we? Well ladies, in Vietnamese for THUONG and YEU are a little different. YEU in English means LOVE, and THUONG is LIKE LIKE, and more stronger than LIKE LIKE. LOVE (YEU) is for couples, or husbands, and wives. I can say the right term is ANH THUONG TAT CA CAC EM in this date site, and that means I LOVE (THUONG) YOU ALL DARLINGS, in this date site. Well darlings, there are so much sad, and ugly things happening in this LIFE of MINE, and I donít want to share sorrow and painful stories with you at all, but exciting NEWS only with you, and those I prefer. So many things God Almighty, Supper Angel 56, Supper Angel 45, Saints, Angels, HEAVEN teams, HEAVEN entities, and I love to say to you, but for now, I have stop here, babies. God Almighty, Supper Angel 56, Supper Angel 45, Saints, Angels, HEAVEN teams, and HEAVEN entities want to officially say GOD ALMIGHTY, and WE LOVE (YEU) YOU ALL, BABIEs. Again, this is a song from God Almighty, and it is Because I Love You by Stevies B. Supper Angel 56, Supper Angel 45, Saints, Angels, HEAVEN teams, and HEAVEN entities song is Love of My Life by Jim Brickman. From me is Because I Love You by Shakin Steven. Oh again, Supper Angel means Saint combining with Angel, both in 1 to become a Supper Angel, and Saint means advisor, ideas, meetings, owned decisions, Leader of all Angels, and many more. There are only 2 Supper Angels, Supper Angel 56 and Supper Angel 45, in the whole HEAVEN and UNIVERSE, babies. By the way babies, Supper Angel 56 is many more higher than Supper Angel 45, and you all must give lot of respect to Supper Angel 56 and Supper Angel 45. After all, you all ladies will be fine, and excellent for this LIFE, and the forever LIFE next, if you MUST FOLLOW MY INSTRUCTIONS AS ABOVE. Questions that people ask most are: +++++++ 1/ What is the purpose of LIFE? I say LIFE to make LIFE better. +++++++ 2/ Why you are here? Well, to KNOW. +++++++ 3/ Never save NEW IDEAs, or INVENTIONs in COMPUTERs. +++++++ 4/ I had NEVER been in most COUNTRIEs officially. +++++++ 5/ I had never been MARRYing before in my life. +++++++ 6/ You all are GOD ALMIGHTY GIFTs darlings, and I am a GIFT, because I am God Mai Thiet Nhat. +++++++ 7/ Read the 10 COMMANDMENTs I INSIST please, and a MAIN POINT is all about TRYING VERY HARD TO AVOID DOING HARD FEELING to other, and ESPECIALLY, DO NOT or MUST NOT COMMIT MURDER, and DO NOT EVER call God Almighty by NAMEs. +++++++ 8/ Try EXTREMLY HARD TO AVOID DIVORCE or SEPAPARATE WORDs like the USA such SO MUCH as USSUAL DAILY LIFE, and BE VERY FAITHFUL and LOYAL to YOUR HUSBANDs and the OTHER WAY AROUND, that what I LOVE BEST. +++++++ 9/ I ALREADY HAVE A VERY BEAUTIFUL GIRLFRIEND from INSIDE & OUT since the LAST LIFE was my WIFE, and SHE is a VERY LOVELY MY FUTURE WIFE, too. +++++++ 10/ My RESUME is the CATHOLIC BIBBLE about God Jesus Christ, and this LIFE, God Mai Thiết Nh‚t. +++++++ 11/ I WILL TRY EXTREMELY HARD to AVOID 1 NIGHT STANDS, and please, Please, so many PLEASEs, DONíT DO THIS TO ME, or and else, I am BEING WATCHED by God Almighty 60 sec/min. +++++++ 12/ Try not having TATTOOs (Not by me ďI have tattoos both of my shoulders tooĒ, but by God Almighty doesnít allow.). +++++++ 13/ YES, the USA blacky GOVERNMENT is TRYING to KILL me DAILY by ANY MEAN, IF YOU CAN THINK of the USA BEST TECHNOLOGY in the WORLD, and MODERN TECHNOLOGY WARFAREs, and I am LIVING in the USA with OK CONDITIONs except for SEVERAL ACCIDENTs and INCIDENTs by these homosexual fagots blacky GOVERNMENT, but I am still in 1 piece by the PROTECTIONs of GOD ALMIGHTY, Supper Angel 56, Supper Angel 45, and Miracle with me, God Mai Thiết Nhật or God Jesus Christ, the last LIFE. +++++++ 14/ The reason that you are being having IMPLANT CHIPs so easy is because the USA has the TECHNOLOGY, that makes a person INVISIBLE, which means you CANíT SEE THEM with your NAKED EYEs; therefore, you all must have ALARM CARPETs, THERMAL CAMERAs, big DOGs, MOTION SENSOR DETECTORs, or WHATSOEVER TECHNOLOGIEs within your PROPERTY PERIMETERs, +++++++ 15/ FREE ENERGY is REAL. +++++++ 16/ STAR GATE is TRUTH. +++++++ 17/ If you want to LIVE LONGEST, few HUNDRED YEARs OLD, then COCAIN, OPIUM, METHAPHETAMIN, and MANY MORE by God Almighty, Supper Angel 56, Supper Angel 45 coming up next. +++++++ 18/ The JUGDEMENT DAY, the END of the WORLD, maybe by PEOPLE, and ALIENs CHOICE, but it is never allowed and authorized by God Almighty, Supper Angel 56, Supper Angel 45, Saints, Angels, HEAVEN teams, HEAVEN entities, and I, God Mai Thiet Nhat, because in 1 of the 10 commandments, THOU MUST NOT KILL, and if someone decide or force to kill you to die, then it is MURDER, and what do you all THINK? +++++++ 19/ LIFE is SO BEAUTIFUL. +++++++ 20/ 911 EVENT in New York was by the USA blacky GOVERNMENT, MANHOLE LOVERs, to have WARs, Youtube babies, and there are only 10 homosexual fagots, TOPEST TERRORISTs MOST WANTED by God Almighty, Supper Angel 56, Supper Angel 45, and I, control the USA. +++++++ 21/ For the MIDDLE EAST BABIEs or elsewhere, YOU are NOT TERRORISTs at all, but to STRUGGLE, and I am EXTREMELY UNDERSTANDing, and to FEEL for YOU, but COOL DOWN BABIEs, because God Almighty, Supper Angel 56, Supper Angel 45, and I are here with YOU to work out on these SO MISUNDERSTAND ABLE things for YOU, and YOU are KARMAKAGIEs in Japanese term, BABIEs. +++++++ 22/ FREEDOM of CHOICES for GOOD by ALL the PEOPLE will be here all over the WORLD, or ELSE. +++++++ 23/ COLOIDAL SILVER is A VERY CHEAP and WONDER MEDICINE for CANCER, AIDS, and MUCH MORE. +++++++ MORE SECRETs to COME DARLINGs. +++++++ I wish you all darlings, successful finding your HALFs, have a very beautiful, and a so longest LIFE, my sweet babies. +++++++ Nhat or Binh, and or Whatsoever Names. +++++++ P.S. God Almighty, Supper Angel 56, Supper Angel 45, Saints, Angels, HEAVEN Teams, HEAVEN Entities, and I love for you to have these songs, Donít Give Up on Us Baby by David Soul, I Really Love to See You Tonight by England Dan & John Ford Coley, Take My Breath Away by Jessica Simpson, I Love You to Want Me by Lobo, Every Time You Go Away by Paul Young, Lost That Love Feeling by Rightous Brothers, and Keep On Loving You by REO Speedwagon. +++++++ My so lovely and very beautiful, Ella Baoping! +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ undreds of letters, and I read your letters. It is very wonderful, and so sweet of your letters for expressing so much love to me, my sweetest love. God Almighty recommends you to me, so I decide to love you, and love only you until death does us apart, and the next, the next, and the forever life after with you only, my sweetest baby. Will you marry me, my sweetest love? Will you be my so lovely wife, my sweetest darling? Will we be together for always, forever, ever, and much more ever for this life to the next, and the forever life, my sweetest baby? I will call you EM Y U in Vietnamese, and you will call me ANH Y U. ANH means me, and EM means you, my sweetest love. Y U mean LOVE. God Almighty wonít allow us to have any child, because God Almighty, Supper Angel 56, and Supper Angel 45 will have to protect our child, and their next, next, and so on generation just like the protection from God Almighty, Supper Angel 56, and Supper Angel 45 for us now. The souls of our children will come from HEAVEN entities just like any child else. My sweetest love, you know that I was Jesus Christ in the last life, and this is my second reincarnated life. Our children will be hostages for very worst people on earth. Promise that we never say DIVORCE, or SEPARATE, when we argue, or having a fight, because God Almighty wonít permit, and allow us to say those words, when we are marriage, and I hate those words DIVORCE , or SEPARATE very much in the bottom of my heart, and mind. I will hold your back, caressing your hair, and comfort you for this until you smile again, my sweetest baby. Some nights I was talking to Supper Angel 56, and Supper Angel 45, WHO are my really close friends, by the way, and I introduced you to Supper Angel 56, and Supper Angel 45, my sweetest love. Can you feel, or hear Supper Angel 56, and Supper Angel 45 were talking to you, my sweetest darling? I even introduced you to God Almighty, WHO I give so much respect, much more, and many much more more moreÖ, and endless LOVE, and can you feel, or hear God Almighty was talking to you, my sweetest baby? I know that you can hear me call your name in the wind, trees, holding your back, caressing your hair, face, my sweetest love, and even you saw me in your dreams, and kissing you sweetly, my sweetest love. Those are from God Almighty. My sweetest darling, you have to be very careful in words, and so much respect, when I introduce you to God Almighty, while we meet, because I scare of God Almighty to death, my sweet baby. Oh 1 more thing my sweetest love, I tried to chat with you a few times after I read, and sent you letters, but I am not sure it was you, because of these repeating questions many times such as DO YOU LIKE SEXY GIRL BABY? My answer was I DONíT LIKE ANYONE ELSE, AND I ONLY LOVE YOU SO MUCH, MY SWEETEST LOVE. It keeps going with nonsense QUESTIONs, so I decided to stop chatting, my sweetest baby. I donít think that I had ever chatted with the REAL you at all, my sweetest love. Here are songs, those I sent to you before, but I am not sure, that you got them. These are You Are The One by Chris Cuevas, and From This Moment by Shania Twain. These songs, God Almighty helps me selecting, and those are Lady In Red by Chris Deburgh, and My Love by Westlife. This time, God Almighty, and I love for you to have these songs, my sweetest love, and those are Iíll Be There For You by Bon Jovi, I Lay My Love On You by Westlife, Swear It Again by Westlife, My Valinetine by Martina Mcbride and Jim Brickman, and (My Love)(EM YEU) Oh Mon Amour by Christophe. Happy late Chinese Valinetine, my sweetest baby, and happy late birthday. Iím so sorry for not being there with you now for these Chinese Valinetine, and your birthday.+++++++ I love you so much, a lot, very much, much more, and never ending love, my sweetest love.+++++++ I miss you very much, a lot, so much, and all the time, my sweetest darling.+++++++ I will love to kiss you so much, much, and much more, my sweetest baby.+++++++ Nhat.+++++++ P.S. Can you please write to me in your profile just like I do for now, and it is just temporary only until I get your email from God Almighty, Supper Angel 56, and Supper Angel 45, my sweetest love. Donít worry a thing my sweetest darling because God Almighty says our sweet LOVE will be fine, my sweetest darling, and there are suffers for you from many USA MOTHER FUCKER HOMOSEXUALs for being my LOVER, and WIFE, and or it happens to any girl, but I only LOVE you, my sweetest baby. Donít give up on me, my sweetest love, because God Almighty, Supper Angel 56, Supper Angel 45, and I are protecting you 24/7. You have IMPLANT CHIP in your body, and what the HOMOSEXUALS do are working in your mind trying to SEPARATE our LOVE, my sweetest darling. They tell you to spend all the money, and YES means NO, or NO means YES. WATCH OUT for us, ok sweetest baby? Oh my sweetest love, God Almighty says if you feel uneasy, then close your palms and open little by little continuously, PHU NHAN CUA ANH (MY PRINCESS, MY QUEEN)Ö+++++++ My dearest Hong Lynh or Grace!+++++++ Yes darling, I received your letter, but I canít open it. Thanks for your concerns to me, baby. I saw you online chat with me, and you did send me some messages sometimes ago. Those were about I am a Vietnamese girl, and say hello to me. I am very impressed with you, darling, because you are so beautiful, very pretty, so cute, and so young. I love your smile in every of your pictures, and your smile makes you more beautiful, darling. Baby, I already have a very lovely girlfriend, and we can be friends, canít we? Alright darling, if we have fate, then we will meet, and of course, with my so beautiful, and very much lovely girlfriend. We will invite you to a restaurant for beers, and foods, or we can go for coffee, baby. I wish you LOVE, and you will meet HIM in a very near future, darling. I am very pleased to meet you, baby. Here are songs, God Almighty helps selecting for me for you, and those are Hoa Vang May Do by Tuan Ngoc, and Giay Phut Chia Xa by Dam Vinh Hung, From Souvenirs to Souvenirs by Demis Roussos, and Do I Have to Say a Word by Bryan Adams.+++++++ Thinking of you, darling+++++++ Nhat or Binh.+++++++ My beautiful Hang, dear!+++++++ How are you, darling? We chatted, and mailed some other day ago, and Iím missing, and thinking of you, baby. You are very special to me, baby. I have to admit that you are the best beauty in those Vietnamese ladies, darling. With your gorgeously beautiful, then I donít think you having any problem at all for finding your half, baby. Oh, my home town in Vietnam is Saigon, Le Van Sy, and I escaped Vietnam by a little boat. I came to the USA in 1989, darling. I went to Vietnam 4 times, because of my parents, brothers, sisters, nieces, and nephews visiting, baby. Here are songs God Almighty, Supper Angel 56, and Supper Angel 45 help me selecting for you these, Knife by Rockwell, Lost in Love by Air Supply, The Gift by Jim Brickman, Co Le Nao by Dam Vinh Hung, and Tinh Nho by Quang Dung.+++++++ Missing you, darling.+++++++ Nhat.+++++++ My dear Kim Nhan!+++++++ Again, I checked with my letter I sent to you, and it is completely changed by this site, darling. I just want to make friend with you at first only, and it maybe go a little further bit by bit, and if we can understand each other very well, then our friendship will get closer, baby. It is kind of late now, and I already told you why with my replying letter to you. However, I am sure, that we love to be friend, and is it a yes, darling? The reason that I want to be your FRIEND is, because you look so attractive, and beautiful, a Vietnamese girl, you in a Vietnamese custom long dress, and so pretty. Your smile is so gorgeous, baby, and the more you smile, and the more you look beautiful. I have to have many of my pictures about smiling like many ladies in this site, and I love to see all the smiling pictures from all ladies. Alright, best wish for searching LOVE, your half, or you can pray, and I am sure you will find HIM pretty soon with your beautiful looking. Oh darling, the answers to your questions are I love to travel, because both of my legs have moles. Smile. I like to go to China, because of my so lovely, and extremely beautiful girlfriend is there. I wish we can meet you in real life with my so lovely girlfriend again, and we can go some places like restaurant, and chat about how are life treating you, or my so beautiful girlfriend, or your boyfriend, and about me, darling. I never gonna leave my very lovely girlfriend for wherever I will go, or wherever place she goes, baby. There is an old saying in Vietnamese, DONG VO DONG CHONG TAT BIEN DONG CUNG CAN, and that means WIFE AND HUSBAND ARE AGREEABLE WITH EACH OTHER THAN THEY CAN EMPTY THE EAST SEA. Alright baby, God Almighty, Supper Angel 56, and Supper Angel 45 help me picking these songs, Bien Tinh by Dam Vinh Hung, Di Ve Noi Xa by Dam Truong, and Cry On My Shoulder by Westlife.+++++++ Thinking of you, darling.+++++++ Nhat.+++++++ My beautiful Pham Thi Mong Tuyen, darling!+++++++ Oh wow, it is a so beautiful name as your look, baby, and your letter is very impressive, and so sweet about your wonderful dreams for finding your boy. Lucky me because I have all the replying mails from all the lovely girls such beautiful as you are, darling. I have your last letter, and Iím so sorry, that I canít read it, because of my low financial condition, baby. I read a little about the introduction of your last mail in my email, and thanks for congratulating me, my so wonderful, and very lovely girlfriend, darling. She is my biggest true dream girl in my heart, and mind, and I can never let her down a bit, because she is so in love, and or Iím so deeply in love with her too, because of her deep love, her beautiful expression, and her so beautiful looking, baby. Same with your letter, only the 1st of your letters can make me thinking of you so much, darling. Well, thanks again for enjoying reading my profile, and because I love a new style of changing topics, so that I can express my true, or real life to other for what they need to know, and it is getting more exciting about life after life, God Almighty (THUONG DE NGOC HOANG in Vietnamese), Saints, Supper Angels, Angels, HEAVEN life, and earth life as you only know some, or little in this world, baby. Plus, I said once in my profile, that the stories of my life, I will tell you later. I always communicate with God Almighty, Supper Angel 56, and Supper Angel 45, WHO in charge of protecting me 60 sec/minute, darling. God Almighty, Supper Angel 56, and Supper Angel 45 even help me in English grammar, advices, ideas for new topics, and so many other things. SU THAT THI PHU PHANG in Vietnamese, and that means THE TRUTH IS UGLY. Well baby, I think I am qualified for a man you are looking for except for having children, what I wish, but I canít have any. For now, Iím still a lonely man. I am very easy, because I used to live in Easy Way street. Smile, and it is only a little joke to tease you up, darling. I wish, we, my so beautiful, extremely lovely girlfriend, and I, can meet you in person, and exchange conversation, alright baby? Best wish for LOVE searching, and Iím sure with your so beautiful looking, and very lovely characteristic, then your dreaming man will come true, darling, and or I will want to help you, too. As usual, God Almighty, Supper Angel 56, Supper Angel 45, and I love for you to have these songs, Rieng Mot Goc Troi by Tuan Ngoc, Anh Xin Lam by Quang Dung, Anh Con No Em by Quang Dung, and After All by Peter Cetera.+++++++ I think of you, darling.+++++++ Nhat.+++++++ My dear Qiaoqiao!+++++++ You are so gorgeously beautiful, and I love your profile very much, darling. Well for me and you, it is late, because I already have my so cute, extremely beautiful, and wonderful girlfriend, baby. I saw you online, and you sent me several messages about how you look. To the bottom of my heart, your gorgeous beauty really takes my breath away for a moment every time I see you appearing, darling. There are no words to describe your beauty is such outstanding, and very excellence, and I bet very soon you will find your LOVER. Iím so sorry that I canít open your 2nd letter, but I guess we can be friend, right baby? To answer your questions, I love to travel, very much trying new things, but not a new girlfriend, because I love to be faithful, and loyal forever, and ever much more to my tremendously beautiful girlfriend, and we, my so lovely girlfriend, and I, maybe playing for fun further with friends, and it is very similar with your hobbies, and your characteristic such as one man woman for always, darling. Moreover, I never leave home without my outstanding, very gorgeous, and lovely girlfriend, and I bet you will do the same, too. I think it is destiny that we will meet again in real life, and we, my so beautiful girlfriend and I, will chat with you, and your Mr. Right, and we will have some funs with conversation, alright baby? In my mind, you are a very special friend to me, and I will very much treasure that, darling. Like usual, God Almighty, Supper Angel 56, Supper Angel 45, and I select for you these songs, Straight From Heart by Bryan Adams, Here I Am by Bryan Adams, Alone by Heart, The Reason by Hoobastank, The Day You Went Away by M2M, and Home by Westlife.+++++++ Have a beautiful and wonderful life, darling.+++++++ Nhat.+++++++ My so pretty My Dung, dear!+++++++ Wow finally, you are coming at last, and I am very pleased to meet you, too darling. Anyway baby, I donít know what is going on in your letter, but I surely guess you and I love to be friend. Yes darling, I love to be friend with Vietnamese ladies such beautiful as you are, because I am Vietnamese, too. Yes baby, you surely caught my eyes sometimes ago, and I suppose it is magic or miracle that you are coming to me. Yes baby, I did read your profile once months ago, and I will treasure our friendship for the rest of my life, darling, because I love to have Vietnamese friends. Well baby, it is so wonderful to see you again, and by the way, God Almighty, Supper Angel 56, Supper Angel 45, and I love for you to have these songs, Mot Lan Nua Thoi by Lam Nhat Tien, Mat Biec by Tuan Ngoc, Loi Cuoi Cho Em by Quang Dung & Thanh Thao, and Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler.+++++++ Best wish LOVE searching, and wonderful LIFE, darling.+++++++ Nhat or Binh+ ++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++ PHU NHAN YEU QUY CUA ANH (My 1st Lady, or and my so VALUEABLE PINCESS or QUEEN), I donít see any message that you wrote to me in your profile, and I know you did write to me in your profile from God Almighty, Supper Angel 56, and Supper Angel 45. Did you see the problems with this website? I told you many times that this website, Asiandate, is owned by the USA homosexual FAGOTs injected IMPLANT CHIP in you, so please, Please, SO MANY PLEASEs my LOVE GO TO OTHER INTERNATIONAL ASIAN DATE WEBSITEs, and I will wait for you there. I FOUND MY OLD VERY BEAUTIFUL and LOVELY WIFE, and DO YOU UNDERSTAND, EM YEU? Again my so sweetest love, I canít read your mails lately, and if I can open your mails, then the meaning of your mails were being changed anyway by this USA HOMOSEXUAL FAGOTs website, Asiandate. I have a hint from Supper Angel 56, and Supper Angel 45 for your ANSWERs to my QUESTIONs about our MARRIAGE. My so sweetest darling plus, with our so LARGEST LOVE and so many of your LOVE letters to me, I know your ANSWERs is SURELY a yes, Yes, and YESSS. My so sweetest baby, am I right, EM YEU, or PHU NHAN YEU QUY CUA ANH??? EM YEU, my feeling is OUT OF ORDER right now, because of the homosexual fagots CHIP IMPLANT ABUSED, and I suppose to jump up and down like a very poor and dirty kid having chocolate candies from some very kind and much generous persons. PHU NHAN YEU QUY CUA ANH, I feel SO MUCH of your LOVE to me, and those SONGs, God Almighty helped me selecting for you, are EXACTLY RIGHT with my SO MUCH LOVE expression to YOU from the BOTTOM of my HEART, BODY, FEELING and MIND. EM YEU QUY CUA ANH, I canít find WORDs to DESCRIBE my LOVE to YOU, and I MUST SAY THIS, and that I LOVE YOU with SO WIDEST OPEN ARMS, HEART, BODY, MIND, FEELING, ATLANTIC OCEAN, PACIFIC OCEAN, INDEAN OCEAN, LARGEST DESERT, LARGET FOREST, 1000 SKYs, PLANETs, MOONs, STARs, SUNs, HUMAN POPULATION, ALIEN POPULATION, and the VAST SPACE of the UNIVERSE, my so sweetest LOVE. EM YEU QUY CUA ANH, YOU ask me ONCE about my DECISION of YOU, and I EXTREMELY, STRONGLY, and DECISIVELY choose YOU to be my very, so much, a lot, much more, a lot more, and many more NEEDED YOU to be my PERFECT, SO WONDERFUL, MUCH BEAUTIFUL from INSIDE and OUTSIDE to be my so beautiful and very lovely WIFE. YOU ARE SO COMPLETED me, EM YEU QUY CUA ANH. It was our previous LIFE living together and DESTINY, and that is why God Almighty told me to be with YOU, PHU NHAN YEU QUY CUA ANH (My 1st LADY). Plus, YOU said it twice, and that YOU want to share the SAME HOUSE, and the SAME BED with me, that is WHY I know YOU ARE THE ONE for me, my so sweetest darling. I need YOU in my LIFE so bad, and I CAN NOT LIVE WITHOUT YOU, EM YEU QUY CUA ANH. If I HAVE to KNEEL DOWN INFRONT of a WHOLE UNIVERSE to BEG YOU to MARRY me, then I WILL, and if we will have a biggest wedding anniversary for every year in this life and everlasting life after. Would you agree, EM YEU QUY CUA ANH??? I know that YOU WILL BE SUFFERED from the homosexual fagots, because of YOUR HIGHEST and PUREST LOVE for me, and I MUST NEVER LET YOU DOWN. My so sweetest LOVE, I was crying myself because I know YOU are HURT, and in PAIN, because of the USA homosexual fagots CHIP IMPLANT. I was crying when I was in the bus, and I cried when I am in the library. I canít walk straight, and it was very heavy walk for me. I am begging Supper Angel 56, and Supper Angel 45 to block and protect you to the maximum, and or the answers are sometimes YES and NO. I know that there are discipline and rules for working on HEAVEN. I am begging God Almighty to protect and block for you to the maximum like the protection I had sometimes ago, because I know you are a very sweet girl, so weak, too tender, so delicate, easy to cry, and so soft. I canít stand to feel your tears, and if I am standing in front of you and seeing you crying I will go crazy. I know you are having protection from God almighty, Supper Angel 56, Supper Angel 45, and I, but Iím still worrying so much about you. My HEART is so DEEPest CUT, because I extremely feel for YOU, my so sweetest darling. My so sweetest LOVE, I have been there, and done that, and I rather take the pain for YOU, because I am being suffered by the USA homosexual fagots blacky government every second in my life. However, trust in God Almighty, Supper Angel 56, Supper Angel 45, and I, and I do anything to BLOCK their signal, or frequency, and or to PROTECT YOU, PHU NHAN YEU QUY CUA ANH. EM YEU QUY CUA ANH. YOU are too valuable, and very expensive for me, and I will respect YOU, and comfort you forever, and whatsoever LIFE next, my so sweetest baby. My so sweetest LOVE, in Vietnamese an old saying is MUU SU TAI NHAN, THANH SU TAI THIEN, which means MEN PLANS, BUT GOD ALMIGHTY DECIDEs THESE PLANs to be SUCCESS or NOT. Did YOU see the words IN GOD WE TRUST in every US dollar bill, and would you agree, EM YEU? Furthermore, God Almighty is my DADDY and MUCH MORE HIGHEST or TOP COMMAND CENTRAL, TOP GENERAL, TOP ADVISOR, ALL TOP COMMANDER, TOP DOCTOR. TOP COSMETIC SUGGERY, and TOPEST WHATSOEVER POSITIONs YOU can think of, and God Almighty DESTINEs for US TO BE TOGETHER in this LIFE, and I BEG for MORE LONGEST TIME with YOU, and the TIME is ENDLESS LIFE, or WHATSOEVER LIFE NEXT with YOU, EM YEU QUY CUA ANH. Would you want to be a daughter in law of God Almighty, and my born parents having the same NAME with God Almighty except for an extra word such as last NAME is MAI and NGỌC HOÀNG just like my last name???My so sweetest LOVE, you are God Almighty child anyway. PHU NHAN YEU QUY CUA ANH, HURTING YOU or MAKING YOU SAD is the LAST THING I WANT to DO in MY LIFE, or the EVERLASTING LIFE with me, my so sweetest LOVE. OUR LOVE is NEVER ENDING, and it keeps going FOREVER LIFE NEXT, or and I DECISIVELY to CHOOSE to LIVE with YOU and ONLY with YOU, PHU NHAN YEU QUY CUA ANH. Homosexual fagots brain wash me with the idea, king of all kings, should have many girls like the old time in China, king with many wives. I can almost have every girl in this date site, and other date sites, but all I need is YOU and ONLY YOU, PHU NHAN YEU QUY CUA ANH. It was the last LIFE that we were husband and wife, so I strongly and decisively choose YOU to be my SO BEAUTIFUL and VERY LOVELY WIFE again, again, and forever again, because I believe that I sweared and promised to marry YOU again in this LIFE,and everlasting LIFE by God Almighty helps. Thượng Đế (God Almighty) helps showing me to LOVE YOU for EVERY ONE that WHAT LOVE CAN DO for YOU and ONLY YOU like the song Cry On My Shoulder by Westlife. Alright EM YEU, this TIME is VERY SPECIAL for us, and that God Almighty, Supper Angel 56, and Supper Angel 45 help me selecting for PHU NHAN YEU QUY CUA ANH these songs, You're Not Alone by Meredith Andrews, I'll Still Love You More by Trisha Yearwood, More Than I Can Say by Leo Sayer, Love At First Sight by Kylie Minogue, Within You'll Remain by Tokyo Square, I Just Fall in Love Again by Anne Murray, Every Day I Love You by Boyzone, I'm Yours by Jason Mraz, I Need You by Marc Anthony, My Baby You by Marc Anthony, You Sang To Me by Marc Anthony, Everyday I Love You by Boyzone, and God Gave Me You by Bryan White. +++++++ I love YOU with widest open arms, all my heart, mind, body, feeling and never ending love, phu nhan yeu quy cua anh. +++++++ I miss YOU dearly, and I rather kiss, and hold YOU so tight instead of thinking, and missing YOU, em yeu quy cua anh. Iíll be there for YOU, and I mean I will go to China to see, to hold tightly, and to kiss YOU for so long, deeply, and sweetly, my so sweetest LOVE. +++++++ Iím YOURS. +++++++ ANH YEU EM, ANH YEU EM, ANH YEU EM, on and on... and NEVER ENDING LOVE, PHU NHAN YEU QUY CUA ANH. EM CO YEU ANH KHONG (DO YOU LOVE ME)? Please, PLEase, PLEASE EM YEU, I need YOU to say, EM YEU ANH, EM YEU ANH, EM YEU ANH, and NEVER ENDING LOVE, ANH YEU. +++++++ Nhat. +++++++ P.S. Ella Baoping My so sweetest LOVE, if you HEAR SO MUCH VOICE IN YOUR HEAD, then TRY TO LISTEN TO LOUD MUSIC, OR WATCH TV, and FOCUS TO THE SOUND OF MUSIC or TV. TRY NOT to ANSWER to any of their QUESTIONs because they answer for YOU any way, and YOU NEED AN EAR PHONE with PORTABLE MUSIC DEVICE such as WALKMAN, or MP3 PLAYER with battery, when you go outside, my so sweetest darling. READ BOOK or somethings. They can work on your FEELING, BODY, AND MIND, and DONíT RELY ON YOUR FEELING. Close and open your palms little by little continuously when you feel uneasy, my so beautiful and very lovely WIFE. When they ask you somethings, then say ĐỤ MẸ HOMOSEXUAL FAGOTs TOO, or WHATíS ELSE, and or WHATíS NEXT. WHATSOEVER, WHEREVER, WHOEVER, WHYEVER, or OH IS EVERY WÖEVER. They said whatever is the answer to all the questions, but I prefer WHATSOEVER because it is more than WHATEVER. Plus, they are truly MANHOLE LOVERs. Understand, EM ỴEU? Here is a little SECRET, and YOU was my old WIFE from the last LIFE; therefore, I am so exciting and almost cry to see my OLD WIFE, and I LOVE my WIFE, PHU NHAN YEU QUY CUA ANH. EM YEU, God Almighty asks if you want to fix anything of your body that is not looking nice enough??? PHU NHAN YEU QUY CUA ANH, how tall do you want me to be, and is 6í OK with you, because God Almighty has miracle? For now, I am not 5í 10Ē tall, but ONLY 5í 4Ē, and YOU are 5í 8Ē plus 5Ē high heel, EM YEU. When I see YOU in our first date, I will be 6í, PHU NHAN YEU QUY CUA ANH. The reason I list in my profile 5í 9Ē was because I discussed with God Almighty in this LIFE, and UP on HEAVEN, that I will be 6í tall when I see YOU, and will YOU believe me, MY SO SWEETEST WIFE? My confessions to YOU, I am not a whole man anymore, and that means I am NOT VIRGIN anymore. I had played around in life for a few times, because I have CHIP IMPLANT controlled by USA MANHOLE LOVERs, EM YEU. I had 3 girlfriends before, and I HAD SEX with 2 of them. Will YOU accept me, EM YEU? I wonít ask anything about YOU, if YOU are VIRGIN or NOT, and I LOVE YOU is BECAUSE IT IS YOU, EM YEU, my OLD WIFE from the LAST LIFE. If YOU tell me, then I will listen to YOU, but it is NOT IMPORTANT to me anymore, because I am SO LARGEST IN LOVE with YOU, EM YEU. If YOU ask me more, then I will answer everything about me BLACK and WHITE very CLEAR, when I see YOU IN PERSON, my so sweetest LOVE. I know that at this age of yours, 31 years old, is VERY HARD to keep YOUR VIRGINITY, but again, I DONíT CARE ANYMORE, because it is YOU, my OLD WIFE from the last LIFE. I think YOU are still a VIRGIN GIRL, but again, I NEED YOU SO BAD in my LIFE, because I am SO DEEPEST IN LOVE with YOU, and everything else, it doesnít matter anymore, EM YEU. I lost my VIRGINITY at the age of 34 years old. An old saying, NOBODY IS PERFECT, and I AM NOT a PERFECT God, Mai Thiết Nhật, EM YEU. If YOU DONíT ACCEPT me as YOUR HUSBAND, then I HAVE TO BEG YOU NOT to LEAVE ME again, Again, and so many AGAINs until YOU FORGIVE me, and ACCEPT me in YOUR LIFE, EM YEU. I NEVER WANT to GIVE UP ON YOU, so please, Please, and so many PLEASEs DONíT EVER LEAVE me, my so sweetest LOVE. However 1 thing for sure, I will PROTECT YOU all the way, and BLOCK the SIGNAL or FREQUENCY within my POWER or MIRACLE with me, and or WHATSOEVER, God Almighty, Supper Angel 56, and Supper Angel 45, WHOEVER I can BEG for, to PROTECT YOU from the USA MANHOLE LOVERs even though if I have to SACRIFY myself to PROTECT YOU, EM YEU. Almost everything happens to me is WRONG, EM YEU QUY CUA ANH. Are YOU OK, EM YEU? There are so many things I want to say to YOU, when I have YOUR EMAILs from God Almighty, Supper Angel 56, and Supper Angel 45, I will write to YOU MORE, PHU NHAN YEU QUY CUA ANH. God Almighty selects for me other songs for you, I Swear by All 4 One, and All For Love by Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart & Sting. OVER and OUT. +++++++ My so beautiful Pitchayanan, dear! +++++++ Yes darling, I received your letter sometimes ago, and I am very regret that I didnít open it after I look at your profile, and pictures. You are extremely, and very beautiful, and your beauty amaze me so much. I have to say that you are the most and best beautiful in Thailand girls. Well baby, I see you almost every day with chat message, and there were some symbols with it. I guess that you really want to chat with me, and I am very sorry that I am writing to you this late and final, darling. I wish I can chat with you when I have lot of credits to spend in this site, baby. Forgive me darling, because I had ignored you for a while, and I didnít mean it because I have so much message. I guess you and I love to friend, right baby? If I have a friend like you, then I will remember of you for the rest of my life, darling. My guess is you will say yes, and you want to be my friend, right baby? Yes darling, I keep thinking of you a lot, and I beg God Almighty to pick for me some songs for you, because your beauty is so much impressive and very amazing. If there are chances, fate, and destiny, then I will surely want to sit down and drink beer, wine, cognac because I always love to drink, and with my so lovely and very beautiful girlfriend or extremely beautiful from inside and out wife, of course. Alright baby, God Almighty helps me with these songs especially for you, Something by Lasgo, Take Me To Your Heart by Michael Learns To Rock, Paint My Love by MLTR, Counting Stars by OneRepublic, She's Like The Wind by Patrick Swayze, Another Day In Paradise by Phil Collins, Diamonds by Rihanna, Listen To Your Heart by Roxette, Wind Of Change by Scorpions, I Eat Dinner by Rufus Wainwright feat & Dido, Isobel by Dido, and All Or Nothing by Westlife. +++++++ You truly are a wonder of the world, darling. Nhat +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++ Debbie Gibson - Lost In Your Eyes TO BE CONTINUE LADY EVERYOne
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